You've been given a monthly Toothcrush subscription for Christmas!

Awesome! You should have received an email with the details of the subscription you've been bought, and  a discount code to use to redeem your Toothcrush subscription.

If you've got that email, then all you need to do is tell us whether you'd like adult or kids brushes, and then enter your discount code at checkout.

IMPORTANT: Your discount code is for a particular type and value of subscription - this information is in the email you were sent, and so you need to select the number of adults and kids brushes that correlates with that subscription type and value in order for the purchase to be free. For example, if your email says you've been given a monthly subscription for 2 people, then you should select either 2 adults and 0 kids, or 1 adult and 1 kid, or 0 adults and 2 kids.

If you'd like to subscribe extra people in your household, then that's no problem - you'll just need to pay the difference at checkout. If you'd like to subscribe for others not in your household, just click here to go to our main site and subscribe there.

To redeem your subscription, tell us your split of adults and kids brushes and hit the 'Redeem' button. Then head to the checkout where you can enter your gift code and leave your shipping details and you're done! 

from 40.00
How many adults?:
How many kids?:

Having issues or have a question? No problem - email us at and we'll help you out.